Common Queries

What modalities do you use in a session?

I use everything I have learned so far. I find every modality/technique compliments each other, once you know the core of a modality it's easy to integrate with others. I have made a conscious choice of not naming everything I know & have learned, I would like to be known as a therapist who brings change.

Outcome matters.

How long does each therapy session take?

Each session varies from 60 - 90 minutes. Sometimes they extend or finish earlier based on how a session is proceeding. 

If any of your questions aren't answered here. Please contact me for clarity. 


How does art help, I am skeptical?

So was I, when I started learning I did doubt it. We have a left & right brain, the left being logical, factual, analyzing, linear & yang in nature, whereas the right is creative, emotional, intuitive, artistic & yin in nature. Arts help to connect these two & bring about the change, know what the block, insights & wisdom to change it.

When you teach a child something new, you try to make it more interactive & fun. That’s the same way with adults, it's just that we heal, we learn, we change.

What is arts-based therapy?

Arts-based therapy is where different forms of arts are used in a therapy settings to bring desired changes. You can say arts – therapy or say arts – in – therapy.

What kind of art forms are used?

Every art form that I know of –  paints, poetry, drama, storytelling, body movements, music, songs, dance & meditation.

Is this same as learning from arts/dance/music classes?

No, it's completely different. In a class, you learn techniques to practice & perfect which requires you to use your cognitive skills to remember & learn.

In arts-based therapy, there is no learning of these techniques, nothing to remember & learn. It's all about expressing yourself, allowing to silent your mind & let your subconscious, wisdom flow through arts. It's also a wonderful mindful exercise.

Do I have to know to basics of any form for this therapy?

No, not knowing is the best thing. It allows you to flow & not look for perfection. If you know that’s fine too, letting go & learning to flow is also an art.