This to shall pass

This to shall pass

Like a breeze

Letting go

Letting go

with grace & ease

Putting myself together

Putting myself together

with Joy

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Depression in Relationship

This is one topic that people avoid discussing or even acknowledging that they are in a toxic relationship. This could be with your spouse, family, friends, colleagues, partner, or children.

We tend to ignore red flags by tagging them as the other person’s way of expressing love, anger because they had a bad day, this is a one-time thing & we keep justifying their behavior & not expect an apology or change in their behavior. As days pass by those toxic behaviors are taken as their nature & another person is left with no choice apart from dealing with it in the name of “love”.

No relationship is perfect; there are disagreements & fights in all kinds of relationships as no two individuals are the same. There is a difference between disagreement & a toxic relationship. The damage that is caused by a toxic relationship takes months & years to heal.  If you are feeling any of these do look at the health of your relationship & check if they are causing you mental, emotional & physical issues.

  1. When you are together do you feel tired, irritated & unfulfilled?

  2. Do you feel bad about yourself, undergo self-criticism, doubt & question your worth & value in the relationship?

  3. Do you feel threatened when the person is around? Due to which your guards are up all the time protecting you.

  4. Have you lost interest in things that used to make you happy in your relationship & life in general?

  5. Do you feel you are constantly giving & they are only receiving?

  6. Do feel unheard, not acknowledged & ignored?

  7. Have you lost your appetite?

  8. Do you feel your energies are drained out with constant thinking about the situations?

  9. Do you tend to get irritated at little things & have started getting angry over things or displacement of anger (towards children, random people)?

  10. Is there constant drama, conflict & anxiety in your relationship?

  11. Do you keep having recurrent headaches, stomach issues, aches & pains?

  12. Does your partner or the person finds faults in you constantly and is unhappy when they are around you?

  13. Are other aspects of your life being affected by your relationship issues?  They could be either stagnated or you have started avoiding them.

  14. Is there is verbal, emotional or/and physical abuse?


If you have majority of it ticked, you need to reevaluate your relationship & how you perceive yourself. Any toxic relationship for long has severe effects on one’s mental, emotional & physical health. A lot of our physical issues are psychosomatic & once these issues are solved, they start to subside & get better with time.

How do you change this?


One of the best choice is to end the relationship. Many times, we can’t, then what to do?

First thing is to release & resolve your emotions, reclaim yourself. Once you start to release, get back to yourself much stronger you will be able to take a stand & change the situation, make a much wiser decision. When you are low & distress anything small could trigger & put you in the abyss & maybe bury you deeper in the situation.

What if I lose my relationship & everything falls apart?

I know this is scary, been there most of my life. Honestly, some of my close relationships have become better & those people have left who aren’t mean to be in my life. When you change, everything around you changes to add more happiness & peace in your life. You won’t lose, you will only gain.

I don’t have a problem; the problem is with other people. He/she needs therapy.

This is the most common statement I have heard & I have been there too. I wanted the other person to deal with their behavior & attitude as that was causing me pain. Then, if they knew they were toxic would they still behave that way? If they are then, there is something seriously wrong with you for still staying in that environment. There is learning & associations attached to pain, suffering & trauma. Address them to change your life.

About the webinar

In this 5-day webinar, we will be working on releasing, resolving your pent-up emotions, self-doubt & criticism, assist you to put yourself first, self-love & guide you to breaking patterns & associations that no longer serve you. Reclaim yourself.

The purpose of this webinar is to take you out of the mess & assist you to be stronger, more connected & in love with self with joy, laughter & lightness. 

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