Care for Caregivers

A Happier, Healthier You

Many caregivers are overstressed & dealing with their mental, emotional & physical issues. This is one area which has been taken for granted by professional & by caregivers themselves.

In India caregivers go through many stigma, guilt & shame for having a special need child or a family member dealing with mental health issues. Usually, I have been caregivers avoid speaking up to their friends & family about their stress, or if they do speak they do it from victimization zone.

Many caregivers don’t understand how the body & mind function when it comes to their stress & mental agony. They haven’t been thought that their mind & body has become used to fight & survival mode, if it stops or has less amount for stress it will start to fight against its own self. As relaxation, thinking of self-care, self-nurturance has become an alien concept to them. It’s a task in itself to convince & guide them to give themselves also a priority & their wellness matters.

Some beliefs I have seen in caregivers:

  • It's my fault, I gave birth to this child.

  • It's my karma.

  • Once he/she is better I will think about me.

  •  If I go for therapy I will come across as weak & then who will take care of the person.

  •  I have to be strong, I am strong nothing will happen to me.

  • Cause of my stress is him/her, once they are fine, I will be stress-free.

  • Nothing is wrong with me, I am still healthy & able to move & think.


In some cases where caregiver knows that they are also important & need support for their well-being I have integrated therapy sessions to offer them with an open heart & arms. It does take lot of courage to stand up for self in such situations.

Integrated Therapy model.

Every person has different levels of processing emotions & information. Some are very creative & some logical. Integrated therapy model combines both aspects of it through arts based therapy, EFT/TFT, Redikal Crystaline Mind & psychotherapy. Each session is designed keeping short term goal & over all long term with the belief that every small step matters.

These sessions enable a person to express emotions that they cannot do it verbally, process & release them either through EFT/TFT, arts-based therapy or counseling. Redikal processes helps in balancing energy through statements. They are work in tandem by connecting body – mind – soul.