Get to Know Me

It's been a journey & an ongoing journey of healing, knowing different aspects of self, breaking down ego, illusions, delusions, embracing my shadow self & learning to be kind, compassionate with self.

My journey became at a young age, I got into reiki by chance at 15, my teacher was really kind to cut down fees, my mom supported me without questioning why I wanted to learn & what it is & I had saved some pocket money. From there I have been coming across masters who have been kind, generous & in wonder, at this young age, I am into all these & wanting to explore more.

It hasn't been all happy, I have had family issues, depression, suicidal thoughts & attempts, abuses, very bad self-worth in fact I had none, emotional wreck, would cling on in a relationship, escapism, doubting everything I know & do, egoistic, demanding, superficial, anger issues, bullied, got bullied, you name it & I would have been thru it.

My journey so far with education has been master's in psychology, bach flower therapy, pranic healing, reiki, clinical hypnotherapy, access consciousness, shadow work, arts-based therapy, EFT & lessons learned through life.

I integrate everything I have learned so far, its what is required at that moment as everything works, one needs to know which one is required at that moment.

Jaanvi Tourani ( J )