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What do you get?

Every day an email consisting of simple ABT activities & process audio files.


** Facebook support group** I will be assisting you through the process as you progress. 

Topics covered in these 22 days.

1. Mindfulness
2. Achieving your goals
3. Inner child
4. Relationship
5. Body
6. Releasing stuck energies
7. Embracing

They are all very simple & yet very profound exercises. All you need is paper & pencil or colouring pencils/crayons. 

Time taken for each activity is max 15 minutes.


What is ABT?

Arts-based therapy includes all art forms (visual, music & rhythm, drama & theatre, storytelling, body movements, puppets, clay & different props including collage on phone)

The base of arts-based therapy is eastern philosophy & western psychology.

This is an intro to ABT especially visual arts & body movements.


Why Arts?

As a child we learned through play & curiosity, we were creative in finding solutions & resolving any major issues of life that's the reason we say it was very simple.
Our subconscious mind has all the answers to problems, we need to bypass our logical mind to reach that creative pool. Arts is one of the proven methods to access that pool.a

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