Jaanvi Tourani

Colours of Possibilities

What would you like to create your life as? your body, your business, your money, your relationships as?

This class is all about adding to your LIFE, every aspect of your life.

Creating from energies to physically actualizing it. From knowing what you desire to creating it as your reality with ease.

You can start this class at time. How does it get any better than this? 

  • Weekend Gala every Saturdays        

  • Communion with self        6th September
  • Access Bars                     24th september
  • Access Foundation 25th - 26th  Sep
  • Access Level 1                27th - 25th Sept



Access Consciousness 10 keys to freedom.

What if you are the gift, the world be been asking for?  to blog

I had a session with Jaanvi which allowed me to get rid of entities. After that i learnt the body processes from her that was truly magical. Thank you for the gift Jaanvi. How does it get any better than this? looking forward for more magic :) :)

Nisha, Bangalore


Every Choice Creates

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